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Here you can find post from all of our events that we are able to record.  Some are just audio files and when available a PDF outline of the presentation.  Select which series you would like to go to from the options below.



Below are some recent Gathering audio files - see below for all available series.

Prayer Meeting with SPO SERIES Prayer Meeting with SPO

Sam Schoenfelder

Covenant Commitments SERIES Covenant Commitments

5.7.17 OGCG
Gordy DeMarais
Public Covenant Commitments

Bearing One Another's Burdens SERIES Bearing One Another's Burdens

4.23.17 GCG
Ed Gross
Bearing One Another's Burdens

Loving Brothers and Sisters SERIES Loving Brothers and Sisters

4.2.17 OGCG
Jim Kolar
Loving Brothers and Sisters in a Time such…



Various topics shared at Community Gatherings

Covenant Gatherings

Various topics discussed at Covenant Gatherings

Emmaus Gatherings

Emmaus Gathering Presentations

Women's Retreat 2017

"The Call, Being Sisters in Christ"

Men's Retreat 2017

Building Relationships that Last a Lifetime


Talks from the annual CCR Community Conference

Training Talks

Talks from the Pastoral Worker Training

Women's Events

Women's Praise Gatherings, Young Married Women's Workshops, etc

Men's Events

Men's Praise Gatherings, etc

Mass Homilies

Homilies from CCR Masses

Family Forums

Talks from CCR Family Forums

F2 Young Married Couples

Talks from the Young Married Couples Formation Course in CCR.

Life in the Spirit

Talks from the Life in the Spirit Seminar

Christian Personal Relationships

Talks from this Formation series

Call & Mission

Talks from this Formation series

Fruits of the Spirit

Talks from this Formation series

Living in Community

Talks from this Formation series

Patterns of Life

Talks from this Formation series


Talks from this Formation series