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Here you can find post from all of our events that we are able to record.  Some are just audio files and when available a PDF outline of the presentation.  Select which series you would like to go to from the options below.



Patterns of Life

Talks from this Formation series

Living Our Life SERIES Living Our Life

5.5.16 - Patterns Course
Gordy DeMarais
Living Our Life

Marriage & Family Life SERIES Marriage & Family Life

4.14.16 - Patterns Course
Jim Hastings
Marriage & Family Life

Using our Resources Wisely SERIES Using our Resources Wisely

3.3.16 - Patterns Course
(recording from 2.5.15)
Craig Peine
Using our…

Men's & Women's Groups SERIES Men's & Women's Groups

2.11.16 - Patterns Course
Jim Hastings
Men's & Women's Group

Keeping Holy the Lord's Day SERIES Keeping Holy the Lord's Day

12.3.15 Patterns Course
Gordy DeMarais
Keeping Holy the Lord's Day

Prayer SERIES Prayer

12.3.15 - Patterns Course
Jim Hastings

Overall Patterns of Life SERIES Overall Patterns of Life

11.5.15 - Patterns Course
Gordy DeMarais
Overall Patterns of Life

Becoming a Full Member of the Community SERIES Becoming a Full Member of the Community

10.1.15 - Patterns Course
Gordy DeMarais
(recording from 10.10.13)