2022-23 Tithe Pledge

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It’s nearly impossible to have a conversation with someone, talk with a family member or just think about life without bringing up how covid has or is affecting our lives. By now most of us has or will have had covid and hopefully fully recovered. It’s hard to believe how a virus can have had such an effect on us as individuals, families, churches, and our culture, but it has. If you are like me, I just want to move on and get back to normal life. The truth is life probably will never be the same as it was and perhaps that’s ok. Sometimes the Lord allows challenges in our lives to get our attention and move us forward in our faith life. I would encourage all of us to reflect on what has happened, how we have responded, and how the lord may be calling us to a deeper faith and trust in him.

No matter what challenges we face in life there are always fundamental truths, and a Christian foundation is something that we can hold on to. We are all so blessed that we have our Church and Community to help support us. Sometimes we don’t realize how much support and care we have received unless we take the time to reflect. I’ve thought about the last two years and one of the things I’m extremely grateful to is my men’s group and how much they have been there for me. I’ve received spiritual support, encouragement, advice, prayer, and love. I suspect that each one of us and our families has received a lot from the Community whether it be in men’s or women’s groups, gatherings, teachings, worship, or youth group. We have so much to be thankful for.

Why do I bring up life in Community and how important it is to each one of us? Well, it’s because it’s time to think about a tithe commitment. Over the years you have received a lot of information concerning tithing whether it be a teaching, a talk, a course, or perhaps a letter like this. Whatever the case you have received a lot of scriptures and encouragement to tithe. By now I suspect you all know how spiritually important tithing is and the importance the Lord puts on it. The truth is tithing is all about putting your faith and trust in the Lord and allowing him to release his grace and blessings by being faithful.

So where should your tithe go? I think scripture is clear that you should tithe to where you are being spiritually fed, supported, and cared for and I think Community does a great job in all these areas. Some of you may ask questions, like why should I tithe to the Community or why should I increase my tithe? The community has had a surplus budget for several years and has an investment account. That’s all true, but that will change this year because we have reached a point in our growth where we need to add staff in order to continue to support all the Community programs. In addition, our membership is aging and several families that have been extremely generous are or will be retiring soon. So, I encourage everyone to prayerfully consider their tithe to the community.

Our current fiscal year ends this June and our new one begins July 1st. In order to finalize the budgeting process, we need to have everyone’s tithe turned in by March 15th.  We ask each family to turn in a tithe commitment no matter the amount. It’s very important to have your tithe commitment turned in on time so we can put an accurate budget together. You can turn your tithe commitment by filling out and submitting the form below..

Grace & peace to you

Alan Kraling (on behalf of the coordinators)