community life

Core Practices: "The bundle"

Our common way of life is built up by emphasizing six core practices.  We have found that if we do these well, our families and community life become stronger and more fruitful. For more information on each practice in the bundle, and to download a printable, go to the resources tab of the website. The bundle includes:

  • personal prayer


  • Family Prayer


  • household meals


  • Husband & wife meetings


  • honoring the lord's day


  • active participation in ccr life


Events & Programs

Deep relationships are at the heart of CCR - with God and one another.  Events and activities serve to foster those relationships and build up our way of life together.

  • large gatherings

    Monthly meetings with all of CCR, for praise and worship, formative talks, and fellowship. Sometimes called Overall Gatherings or OGCG's and open to all! Check out our calendar for more info.

  • small groups

    Each CCR member is in a small group that meets 2-3 times per month for discussion and support in the Christian life.

  • kids & youth ministry

    Many opportunities are available for kids and youth, including Religious Ed activities during gatherings for kids Pre-K & up, Wednesday evening programs by grade, thriving Jr High and High School Youth Groups, retreats, and summer events and camps.  

  • district Life

    CCR is divided up into four districts that offer various activities during the year, including social events, prayer meetings, and more, approximately every other month.

  • Emmaus

    One of the four Community Districts, specifically for young adults (including recently graduated and young professionals). There are large prayer meetings, smaller Koinonia formation nights, mentor relationships, and small groups. For more information, contact Rebecca Minogue

  • Formation Courses

    Courses take place over the school year once per month and vary from basic Christian principles, vocation and relationships, to understanding CCR's way of life in community. 

  • Young married couples formation program

    A two-year program designed for newly married couples to deepen their relationship with each other and the Lord, with practical wisdom for marriage and family life. Includes monthly formation talks and small group meetings. Contact Renee Hendrickson for more information.

  • seasons of life Gatherings

    Events centered around family formation and fellowship based on similar stages of life, currently taking place quarterly.

  • special events

    - Annual men’s and women’s weekend retreats

    - Annual community conference

    - Community Masses on special occasions

    - Men’s and women’s praise a few times per year

    - Women’s Advent brunch