primary service

- Needs some kind of training or preparation
- You serve in this area for the whole year

To get involved in a primary service ministry, click here or contact Anne Sorteberg.

View the primary service schedule 2023-2024 here.

Event service

Event service is what makes our gatherings, masses and events happen: 
all of us sign up at a time that works with our schedules, to pitch in with setting up, cleaning up or serving hospitality. 
Sometimes there are other areas (like supervising a bouncy house or bartending for the Conference, for example), 
but these are areas most anyone can help with.  
Idea: Some areas are great for a family, household or small group to sign up to serve together!

- Needs no training or preparation to do it
- You sign up to serve on a date that fits your schedule
- Extra hands to help make an event happen

With a second event each month, this year everyone is asked to do Event service 3 times per semester or 6 times per year.  With no District or SOL service, it should even out. There are 2 quarterly signups with tabs at the top to switch between them.

2023-24 Event Service link:

sign up for event service