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ccr fall & winter Covid guidelines

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Updated 12/15/20

Email Update from November 17, 2020

Brothers & Sisters,

I'm sure that you are aware of Governor Walz’s recent press conference detailing new restrictions to slow down the spread of COVID. We have seen a dramatic spike in COVID positive cases statewide as well as within CCR.

Governor Walz's new orders went into effect this past Friday, Nov. 13.  Our COVID Task Force has looked over the orders and proposed an updated set of guidelines to the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee has reviewed and approved the proposal.  We have sent it on to the Council of Coordinators and the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) for their input.  We have asked for them to review and respond to the proposal by this coming Friday.  From there, we will get out a set of updated guidelines.  

In the meantime, due to recent spikes in COVID positive cases as well as the high number of people self-isolating due to exposure, we want to address a couple of changes that will take effect as of today:

  • For the time being, all pastoral groups should plan on meeting via Zoom.

  • Following our Chaplain’s recommendations, we are canceling our Thanksgiving & Christmas Mass.  CCR members should plan on attending their local parish Mass.

  • For the time being, we are temporarily suspending all CCR in-person youth activities and programs while our youth team meets to develop a plan that allows our youth to safely meet.

  • Upcoming District Events should be virtual.

  • We do have a plan in place to hold the Women's Advent Gathering in person, please keep this event on your calendar. (update: it is now virtual.)

Once we hear back from the Coordinators and the WLC, we will address more of our upcoming events.

We understand that these moves will create some pastoral challenges and encourage all of us to use the pastoral system to help navigate questions and concerns.  Make good use of your group leaders, your group supervisors, and your district teams. 

Please continue to keep CCR in your prayers and we work to navigate this season.

CCR Executive Committee

Past Update from September 2020

Our doctor led task force has provided the following perspective on covid realities:

“As we move into fall and winter and more indoor activities in our life together, the spread of COVID infections and complications will become a higher risk for our members.  Recent evidence is showing:

  • Children are more likely to spread COVID than previously thought even though their risk of severe infection is low. 

  • The greatest spreaders are now those in their 20’s-40’s.  

  • Those at highest risk for severe disease continue to be those > 65 years old and those with significant underlying medical problems including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and significant lung problems.

  • Proper masks are highly beneficial in preventing transmission, especially when worn by both individuals who are relating.  Of greatest benefit is the prevention of spread by an infected individual who is not showing symptoms (and who would thus still consider attending in person events and may unwittingly expose others to the virus).

  • Proper masks should be mandatory when any of the following conditions are met: 

    • Anticipated close sustained interactions with less than 6 feet of physical distance;

    • Gathering in closed spaces such as meeting rooms and bathrooms without high ceilings or windows that can allow strong air exchange; 

    • Gathering in crowded places with bottlenecking such as hallways, entryways and serving lines; or

    • Gatherings that involve more than 15 people. “

In consultation with our medical professionals, community leadership is promoting the following guidelines:

  1. Following the governor's mandate, masks will be required for indoor CCR events including District Gatherings, General Community Gatherings, Masses, and all youth events.  Those that have health exceptions for wearing masks are encouraged to use a face shield at events.

  2. Community singing indoors remains not an option. We will continue to monitor this area closely so we can return to singing at the earliest time possible. Singing without a mask outside is possible if a physical distance of at least 10 feet can be maintained and there is some breeze. Absent either one of these two factors the meeting leader can ask everyone to please put their mask on.

  3. Families or households should not attend events for at least 10 days if one of their members has one of the more common potential COVID symptoms (fever, significant cough, loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing), or a positive test result.

  4. Virtual options should be available for those at high risk who should not be present in person, and those that do not desire to wear a mask for other reasons.

  5. Youth event guidelines will follow the Archdiocesan Static-Plus or Dynamic rules depending on the planned interactions of the participants.  Please refer to the youth guidelines for further detail.

  6. We strongly encourage pastoral groups to wear masks when meeting inside, but will leave the decision to the individual pastoral leaders asking them to do everything possible to bring unity to the group.

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