3-5 year old children

In CCR, children ages Three-Five are invited to participate in a few programs that introduce them to our life in Community slowly but steadily.

Religious Education

During Sunday (and Wednesdays in the Summer) Gatherings there is an hour where children are dismissed into age groups to spend time with their peers. Volunteers lead the kids in activities and lessons further communicating how they can love and serve God even at their young age. Children begin in the Religious Education program at age four.  They will remain in the program until Sixth grade, when are eligible to join G1 or SFC.

Little Tykes Vacation Bible School and Summer Sports

Each summer CCR offers a vibrant program lead by Mike O’Connell and parent volunteers from Community.  The three to five year old children begin with Little Tykes – a three morning long vacation bible school program geared to their age group, offering the same theme as older children will take in that year.  Also, later in the summer there is a program called Summer Sports, also lead by Mr. O’Connell and parent volunteers, teaching kids 3-12 about the joy of sports and play and continuing to foster the relationships between Community’s youth.