high school-aged programs

high school youth group

Our High School Youth Program is a vibrant and engaging setting where youth can learn how to grow in a deep relationship with God, fully converted, and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

We strive to create an environment where the youth are encouraged and supported as they learn more about their faith and seek to live it out within the busy and tempting High School scene. We desire our youth to have the ability, support and encouragement to live consistently as virtuous Christians in all areas of life.

Our Youth Group is often characterized by the up building relationships within it and we have regular prayer meetings, social events and small groups which all help to create and maintain these relationships

We also demonstrate the importance of loving our neighbor through service projects and teaching that casts a vision for living a zealous Christian life in community and mission.

The dedicated Staff of the Youth Group firmly believe in the importance of demonstrating the joy and truth of living a Christian life. They work tirelessly to support and encourage our youth to keep striving for that adventure, lived out in community and love for one another.