2023-24 Tithe Pledge

Brothers & Sisters –


At the February Gathering, Zachary Froelich talked to us about stewardship touching on both time & treasure.  He mentioned that in the coming weeks, we would be sending out an email requesting service sign-ups and an email requesting tithe pledges for the coming year.  This is the tithe pledge request email.


In his presentation, he challenged us in several ways:

  • He challenged us to be prayerful and intentional
  • He encouraged us to not be afraid to discuss our service and our finances with our spouses if we are married and with our groups.
  • He encouraged all of us to bring our service and finances to the Lord and to ask Him what he is asking of you.

Some follow-up questions that we were encouraged to reflect on are after the gathering are:

  1. How can I cultivate a "spirit of poverty," and what can I become detached from in order to free myself to be "attached" to what truly matters (viz. the Lord and his will).
  2. Is it easier for me to be generous with my time or with my money? Where is the Lord inviting me into a more generous response?
  3. Where is my treasure? In the things of this world or in the heavenly kingdom?
  4. Have I allowed my "generosity" muscle to become atrophied? What can I do practically to strengthen that muscle?
  5. How can I guard against comparison with others in community?

With all of this in mind, we would like all groups to dedicate one upcoming group to discussing service and tithe.  Anne Sorteberg has recently sent out service sign-ups for the coming season and below is a link to turn in your tithe pledge for the 2023-2024 fiscal year which starts on July 1, 2023. 


We are asking everyone to turn in their pledge by Friday, March 31.  It is important to receive a pledge from everyone so that as we begin to build the budget for the coming year, we know what income we can anticipate.